Sociology students present their research on diversity, equity and social justice

Eight sociology students participating in capstone projects took to the podium on Dec. 12 at Mather Memorial to present research on a range of topics covering diversity, equity and social justice.

Capstone courses feature active participation that requires students to practice analytical and methodological skills already learned and apply them to a specific project. In this way, their skills move beyond the classroom environment and begin to replicate the environment of the “world of work.” 

Professor Mary Erdmans is the advisor for the students, who presented in front of 30 people including faculty, fellow students, friends and family.


Rochelle Stephens presents at a capstone presentation in December 2022 at Case Western Reserve University

Rochelle Stephens: Bad Ass Black Women: Is Viola Davis Dismantling Controlling Images of Black Women in U.S. Film?

Cielle Brady: Majority, Minority, Mistrust: Perceptions of Black Sexual and Gender Minorities Towards the U.S. Healthcare System 

Alessandra Sell: Fear the Migrant: Examining Anti-Immigrant Sentiment on Fox News, 2014-2020

Nicholas Shaffer: Pockets of Inclusion: Finding Spaces to Perform Gender-Nonconformity in CWRU Greek Life


Mya-Ariel Blake: I Hate the Yankees: Generational and Racial Conflicts in Jamaican Migrant Communities in the U.S. and Definitions and Markers of Success 

Olivia Condon: The Blame Game: University Emergency Messaging and Student Perception of Campus Safety

Maranda Priah presents her research in front of her poster at a capstone session on the campus of Case Western Reserve University in December 2022.

Maranda Priah: Building Better Bridges: The High School Experiences of East Cleveland College-Bound Students 

Paola Van der Linden Costello: The Prison Boom: The Impact of Nixon’s Criminal Reform on the Prison Population 

The 8 CWRU sociology students seated at a table with advisor Mary Erdmans following the students' capstone research project presentations in December 2022

Seated (left to right): Maranda Priah, Cielle Brady, Olivia Condon, Nicholas Shaffer

Standing (left to right): Rochelle Stephens, Dr. Mary Erdmans, Mya-Ariel Blake, Paola Van der Linden Costello, Alessandra Sell