Record Participation at December 2019 Intersections Symposium

Student and faculty participation in the December 2019 Intersections Symposium was tremendous. With 308 students presenting 155 posters, it marked the highest student participation yet for the fall semester symposium, which was held at Tinkham Veale University Center. Students from the departments of Biology, Anthropology, Cognitive Science and Physics were recognized for their achievements.

Intersections provides an opportunity for the Case Western Reserve University community and others to see the broad and diverse work that is being done across campus by outstanding undergraduates. It’s made possible by Support of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (SOURCE). In the months leading up to the Intersections Symposium, SOURCE hosts seminars and sessions that help students improve their presentation skills, make a poster and develop an elevator pitch in preparation for the event, which happens three times a year: December, April and August. 


College of Arts and Sciences: Intersections: SOURCE Poster Award Winners

Life Sciences

First Place (tie): Alexa Smith, “Haltere synchronization and frequency in flies.” Faculty Mentor: Jessica Fox, Department of Biology.

Second Place: Brian Zhang, Wnt-induced excessive lipolysis drives fat loss in skin fibrosis. Faculty Mentor: Radhika Atit, Department of Biology.

Social Sciences

First Place: Madison Burhenn, “Report on the 1974 and 1978 MacNichol Site Excavations (33-WO-10).” Faculty Mentor: Brian Redmond, Department of Anthropology.

Second Place: Emily Young, “An Experimental Analysis of Frame Breaks and Essential Frame Features.” Faculty Mentor: Mark Turner, Department of Cognitive Science.

Physical Sciences

First Place: Gundeep Singh, “Intrapatient and Interpatient Heterogeneity Assessment of Adhesion Dynamics of Red Blood Cells in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease.” Faculty Mentor: Michael Hinczewski, Department of Physics