The Art of Engineering

Student with long brown hair and glasses

Diana Zavela

In October, a panel of five students hosted a talk on “Engineering and the Arts” to share their experiences taking classes in both the humanities and engineering. Their message: This cross-disciplinary approach benefits critical thinking, creative problem-solving and communications. 

The variety of courses keeps my schedule interesting and has allowed me to learn about so many different topics, such as climate change politics, natural resources, geology and more,” said Diana Zavela, a fourth-year student majoring in systems and control engineering and environmental studies with minors in political science and computer science. “The communication skills I have learned through my humanities courses help me better communicate my ideas both in writing and verbally in the engineering classes.”

Joel Linebach believes that majoring in both dance and engineering has encouraged him to think creatively and look at problems from multiple perspectives.

student with short brown hair and glasses

Joel Linebach

I’ve tackled so many engineering problems through the mindset of a dancer and many dancing considerations through the mindset of an engineer,” he said. As a result, “you’re able to elucidate more and ask questions other people might not even think to ask.”

 The event was presented by the Engineering Peer Advisors.