Pete Moore, Visiting Kuwait Chair at the Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po

For the third time in his career, Peter Moore, M.A. Hanna Associate Professor of Politics, is teaching at a foreign university, currently, as the visiting professor at the Kuwait Program at Sciences Po in Paris, France. 

“I appreciate and relish the opportunity to teach at a different institution in a different country,” Moore said. “It’s challenging, for sure, but being able to teach and be a part of a different scholarly opportunity is unique and important.”

As the Visiting Kuwait Chair, Moore will both teach in the Paris School of International Affairs as well as work on a research project focused on the Middle East, specifically, Kuwait. 

“I feel quite privileged to be in this position in Paris,” Moore said. “I have a research project and I get to study the Middle East—a part of the world I love and have been going to for 20 years. Having the resources to be able to visit places like Kuwait multiple times, where it is very expensive to go, is very unique. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t be able to spend so much time there.”

Upon his arrival in January, Moore taught his first graduate course remotely, as the university operated under continued COVID-19 protocols, but in early September, students returned to campus, giving Moore the chance to meet his graduate students and instruct in person classes. While travel restrictions due to COVID-19 have prevented Moore from traveling as much as he planned, he hopes to increase his visits to the region next month. 

Moore was also quick to recognize the work of his peers in the Department of Political Science, while talking about his current endeavor. 

“Our department is small, but what I’m doing here is not uncommon,” he said. “Myself and my other colleagues are quite active and successful in securing these types of things.”