Abbreviation and Symbols Key:

* – Deceased
ADL – Adelbert College
ARC – CWRU School of Architecture
CAS – College of Arts and Sciences
CIT – Case Institute of Technology
CLC – Cleveland College
CSE – Case School of Engineering
DEN – CWRU School of Dental Medicine
FSM – Flora Stone Mather College for Women
GRS – School of Graduate Studies


HON – Honorary Degree
LAW – CWRU School of Law
LYS – CWRU School of Library Sciences
MED – CWRU School of Medicine
MGT – Weatherhead School of Management
NUR – Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
WRC – Western Reserve College
SAS – Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

Aloy Memorial Scholarship
Aloy Scholarship Fund
Alternative Stable States and Stochasticity in Ecological Dynamics
Faculty: Karen Abbott, Biology
James S. McDonnell Foundation
Baldwin Physics Laboratory Maintenance
Case Alumni Association
William D. Bartlett Fund
William D. Bartlett Fund
The Battle Narratives of Herodotus, Thucydides, and Xenophon: A Rhetorical Study
University of Strasbourg
Biological Field Station
The Cleveland Foundation
Alexander W. Briggs Fund
Alexander W. Briggs
Career Enhancement Fellowships
Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
Case Western Reserve University/Cleveland Playhouse MFA Program
Anne and Thomas Degnan, Jr.
College of Arts and Sciences Shared Scholarship Fund
Autodesk Foundation
Arielle Leah Bloostein, CAS ‘16
Dr. and Mrs. James Breckinridge, CIT ‘61
Kay Brover, FSM ‘63
Mary Emily Call, PhD, FSM ‘65
Stephen Chang
Angela Renee Chappell, CAS ‘17, CLGS ‘17
Maria Jose de la Camara, PhD, GRS ‘65, ‘83
Joseph Patrick Discenza, CIT ‘88
Hon. John B. Farmakides, ADL ‘50, LAW ‘53
David J. Gale, WRC ‘75
Janice J. Gerda, PhD, CAS ‘89
Axel Paul Gross, CLGS ‘18
Lori and Klaus Gross
James Francis Gutierrez, MD, WRC ‘86, MED ‘90
Alyssa Haines, CSE ‘13, ‘14
Ellen E. Halfon
Marc E. Kivel, WRC ‘79
Patty Marvel, CAS ‘09
Lois Shefferle Mazur, FSM ‘51, SAS ‘54
Robert A. Meigs, PhD
Marcus E. Mitchell, CLGS ‘20
Kathryn Sue Oths, PhD, GRS ‘85, ‘91
Roy E. Ritzmann, PhD
Lana Korey Rouff, FSM ‘64
Nancy L. Sachs, WRC ‘73, GRS ‘73
Robert Schwartz
Evangelia and Dr. Nikolaos J. Skubas
Dr. Diana Snyder, FSM ‘71, GRS ‘74
Judy Staicer
Maria, CAS ’91, and Charles P. Steiner, CAS ‘89
The Klass Family Foundation, Inc.
The Photias and Farmakides Education Foundation
Blake A. Tudela, CAS ‘12, ‘17
Dr. Tzipor Ulman, CAS ’94, and Yigal Dan Rubinstein
Lloyd Lee Weema, DD, CAS ‘02
Rosann E. Westmeyer, CAS ‘94
Donna W. Zorge, FSM ‘61
Center for Policy Studies
The Glenmede Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver E. Seikel
Center for the Study of Writing
Chisholm Memorial Scholarship Fund
Cleveland Foundation
Class of 1966 Term Scholarship Fund
Anonymous (2)
Maurene Emmie Donadio, PhD, CLC ‘66
Thalia Dorwick, PhD, FSM ‘66, GRS ‘73
Sally, FSM ’69, and Dr. Steven J. Gold, ADL ‘66
Marjorie, FSM ‘66, GRS ’71, and Ernest Jageler, CIT ‘66, GRS ‘70
Mary, FSM ’66, and Kenneth Kubacki, CLC ‘69
David L. W. Kwoh, PhD, ADL ‘66
Joshua, CIT ’66, and Cynthia Martin
United Way of Delaware, Inc.
Cleveland College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship Fund
W. C. Maud and Kathleen Morton Fund
Cleveland Humanities Festival
Faculty: Peter Knox, Baker-Nord Center for the Humanities
Ohio Humanities Council
William Henry Coit Scholarship Fund
Mary Coit Sanford Testamentary Trust
CRESPO-ACS SEED Program Summer
Faculty: Carlos Crespo-Hernández, Chemistry
American Chemical Society
Department of Music, Baroque Style Violin and Bow
Antoinette S. Miller, FSM ‘64, GRS ‘66
Department of Psychological Sciences, Books
Roslyn, GRS ‘62, ’72, and Sheldon Gordon, MGT ‘65
Evaluating the Feasibility of a Telehealth Intervention of Early Social Cognitive Processes in Children with Prader-Willi Syndrome
Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (USA)
Evaluating the Parent-Focused Remote Education to Enhance Development (PRETEND) Program in PWS
Faculty: Anastasia Dimitropoulos, Psychological Sciences
Foundation for Prader-Willi Research
Foreign Study Fund
Cleveland Foundation
German Studies Program
Max Kade Foundation, Inc.
Hanna Trust
Leonard C. Hanna Foundation
Hanna Trust for Instructional Support
Leonard C. Hanna Foundation
Hedgemon LLC
National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance
Host and Viral Control of P-TEFB Activation and HIV Transcription Elongation
Faculty: Blanton Tolbert, Chemistry
American Foundation For AIDS Research
JASON Project
Janet J. Stark, FSM ‘71
Liquid Crystals as Probes for Surface Shape Chirality Across Multiple Size-Scales
Faculty: Charles Rosenblatt, Physics
U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation
Mathematics and Physical Sciences – Collaboration Grant for Mathematicians
The Simons Foundation
Wright Plaisance Fellowship Fund
Mrs. Robert Plaisance Trust Fund
Plaisance Fund for Instructional Support
Mrs. Robert Plaisance Trust Fund
Probability and Geometry – Simons Fellowship 2014–2019
Faculty: Mark Meckes, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics
The Simons Foundation
Ambrose and Jesse Purcell Trust
J. Ambrose Purcell Trust
Ruth Ratner Scholarship Fund
Gabrielle J. Miller, WRC ‘76
Ruth Miller Foundation Philanthropic Fund
Religious and Spiritual Struggle
Faculty: Julie Exline, Psychological Sciences
John Templeton Foundation
Francis J. & Earla E. Rocks Experiential Fellowship Fund
James E. Rocks, PhD, ADL ‘46
Harriet Fairchild Coit Sanford Scholarship Fund
Mary Coit Sanford Testamentary Trust
Sidlo Fund
Thomas L. Sidlo Fund
Andrew and Eleanor Squire Trust
Andrew and Eleanor Seymour Squire Trust
STEM Education Shipwreck Camp
Director: Kathryn Kwiatkowski, Gelfand STEM Center
The Martha Holden Jennings Foundation
Taplin Fund
C. F. Taplin Fund
Burton E. Turner Scholarship Fund
Burton G. Turner Trust
Understanding Supernatural Attributions: Types, Predictors and Consequence
Faculty: Julie Exline, Psychological Sciences; Postdoctoral Scholar: Nick Stauner, Psychological Sciences
John Templeton Foundation
Vast Immensity, Exquisitely Made: Tidal Dwarf Galaxies and the Cosmic Dark Matter Problem
Faculty: Stacy McGaugh, Astronomy
John Templeton Foundation
Wenner-Gren Foundation Wadsworth International Dissertation Write-Up Fellow
Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research
West Side Community House:  Wrap for Success
West Side Community House
W. J. Austin Professorship
Wilbert J. Austin Professorship Trust
Women’s and Gender Studies
The LGBT Community Center