Graduate Council of Arts & Sciences awards five GSSCE grants

The Graduate Council of Arts & Sciences (GCAS) has awarded five graduate students from the college with the inaugural Graduate Student Scholarship and Creative Endeavors (GSSCE) grant of $1,000 each.

Following a series of seminars on how to find funding for their work, write successful applications and how grants are typically reviewed, the GCAS encouraged students to use what they learned to submit an application for this grant and to repurpose it for other internal or external funding sources.

Over 100 graduate students in the college participated in the sessions.  

“The conversations and debates during the three sessions were fantastic,” Lauren Calandruccio, associate dean for academic affairs, said. “As they say, it takes a village, and I am extremely proud of the graduate students (and faculty mentors) who took part in the events and the grant application process.”       

A panel of student peers, post-docs and faculty reviewed the projects and chose the grant recipients. 

The inaugural 2023 GSSCE grant recipients and their project advisors are:

  • Kyle LaFollette, psychological sciences, PhD student, “Dissociating Effects of Implicit Bias from Response Caution on Implicit Association Tests” Advisor: Heath Demaree, psychological sciences professor  
  • Reed O’Mara, art and art History, PhD student, “Examining Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts in the British Library and Bodleian Library” Advisor: Elina Gertsman, art history professor 
  • Natalie Saxton, biology PhD student, “Unrolling the Biogeography of Endemic Dung Beetles in New Caledonia” Advisor: Nicole Gunter, biology professor and curator of invertebrate zoology/Cleveland Museum of Natural History 
  • Reema Sen, sociology, PhD student, “How Does Legal Consciousness Shape Citizenship Conceptions in Asian Indian Immigrants?” Advisor: Brian Gran, sociology professor
  • Lucia Yuan, chemistry, PhD student, “Fluorescent Polymeric Viscoelastics for Ocular Applications” Advisor: Metin Karayilan, chemistry assistant professor 

Kudos for those who took part in the GSSCE grant process.