Cognitive science hosts Explore “Brainwaves” event

What do neuroscience and jigsaw puzzles have in common? Students recently learned the answer at a packed Department of Cognitive Science Explore event entitled “Brainwaves.” 

Visiting Assistant Professor Adam Croom demonstrated the use of a brain-computer interface, which allows people to control virtual objects using electroencephalography (brainwaves). 

Professor Vera Tobin talked about sudden flashes of insight we experience when solving a problem, a brainwave, and shared her research on the cognitive properties of different types of puzzles.

Students enjoyed delicious food from nearby Falafel Cafe, played with different kinds of puzzles and talked about research with faculty. Faculty answered questions about why kids can solve puzzles machine learning systems can’t, how authors and filmmakers communicate puzzles for audiences to solve, and how human language provides some of our most baffling puzzles. The event showcased the department’s focus on cognition, computation and communication.


[Photo credit: Tanvir Hasan]