1. You need to submit two forms:

        If you have participated in the Alumni Audit previously and your address and contact information have not changed, you need only submit the Course Selection Form.

        If you would prefer to have these forms mailed or emailed to you, please call 216.368.4413 or email at audit@case.edu and ask for the Alumni Audit enrollment packet.

      2. Fill out, sign, and return forms. Be sure to sign the Course Selection Form.
        Email forms to: audit@case.edu    (Preferred method)
        Mail forms to:
        Alumni Audit Program
        College of Arts and Sciences, Crawford 712
        Case Western Reserve University
        10900 Euclid Avenue
        Cleveland, OH 44106-7068
        Fax forms to:
        Deliver forms to:
        Office of the Dean 
        College of Arts and Sciences
        7th floor, Crawford Hall
        10900 Euclid Avenue
      3. Student Financial Services will bill you after your registration is complete. Bills are normally sent electronically via SIS. We will arrange for bills to be mailed to those auditors who do not activate their Case email accounts.
      4. Course assignments will be made beginning one week before the start of the semester. Assignments will be made in the order received. You will receive your registration receipt by email.