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Alumni auditors pay ten percent of regular tuition. For 2018-19, the rates are as follows*:


Regular Tuition by credit hour: $2026
Alumni Audit rate for a 3 credit class: $608
Alumni Audit rate for a 4 credit class: $811 


Certain other materials and lab fees may apply. Auditors must also pay for books and supplies. Alumni Audit summer tuition is 10 percent of regular tuition, not 10 percent of the discounted summer tuition rate.

Student Financial Services will bill you for tuition once your registration is complete.

*The CWRU Student Medical Plan fee is automatically charged on a per-semester basis to students registered for one or more credit hours. If you already have health coverage, you are eligible to waive the Student Medical Plan fee online via your SIS account.

Page last modified: January 22, 2019