The College of Arts and Sciences opens the majority of its courses to auditors. Visit the Searchable Schedule of Classes to see what is being offered. Use the drop-down menu to select “Arts and Sciences” in the “College” field.

You will also want to use the Searchable Schedule of Classes to track enrollment and check on your classroom location. Click here for a list of courses that are NOT open to auditors.


How to Use the Searchable Schedule of Classes

Below is a sample entry from the Searchable Schedule of Classes. The blue number in parentheses under the heading “Section” is the Class Number.  You will need this number for your registration form. Clicking on the blue Class Number will bring up the course detail.  ANTH 103 is the course code, “Introduction to Human Evolution” is the course title.  The term is Spring 2018. The class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 a.m.-11:15 p.m.  The instructor is Lawrence Greksa  There is a 70 student limit on this class and 48 students have signed up. The days of the week are TuTh.

Classes that fill with regular students cannot accommodate auditors. However, auditors will be assigned to classes for which there is available space on a first-come policy, based on the postmarked date of their registration materials.

All prerequisites apply. Please contact instructor with questions about prerequisites. Clicking on the instructor’s name in blue will bring up his or her email address.


Description Section Status Session Days & Times Room (Capacity) Instructor Meeting Dates Enrl
Enrl Total
ANTH 103 – Introduction to Human Evolution


Open Regular TuTh
10:00AM – 11:15PM
Clark Hall
309 (58)
Lawrence Greksa 01/16/18 – 04/30/18 70 48


Codes for Subjects Offered by the College of Arts and Sciences

AMST American Studies EEPS Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences MATH Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
ANTH Anthropology ENGL English MUSC Music
ARTS Art Studio ETHS Ethnic Studies PHIL Philosophy
ARAB Arabic FRCH French PHYS Physics
ASIA Asian Studies GREK Greek POSC Political Science
ASTR Astronomy GRMN German PSCL Psychology
BIOL Biology HBRW Hebrew RLGN Religious Studies
CHEM Chemistry HSTY History RUSN Russian
CHIN Chinese INTL International Studies SOCI Sociology
CHST Childhood Studies ITAL Italian SPAN Spanish
CLSC Classics JAPN Japanese STAT Statistics
COGS Cognitive Science JDST Judaic Studies THTR Theater
COSI Communication Sciences LATN Latin WLIT World Literature
DANC Dance   WGST Women’s and Gender Studies