The Alumni Audit is a special program that supports and encourages lifelong learning for our alums. However, certain conditions and restrictions apply. Please read the following carefully.

  1. Audit enrollment is limited to 10 percent of CWRU student enrollment in any one class; auditors are not permitted in CWRU classes that are filled to capacity. The Alumni Audit is for College of Arts and Sciences courses only.
  2. Seniors age 65 or older may participate in the Course Audit Program for Senior Citizens. Tuition is $40 per credit hour. Please contact Felicia Westbrooks for enrollment information.  Email:; phone: 216.368.3195.
  3. Alumni auditors pay 10 percent of regular tuition. For 2021-22, the rates for alumni are as follows:
    Tuition Undergraduate  
    Regular tuition per credit hour:
    Alumni Audit rate for a 3 credit class:
    Alumni Audit rate for a 4 credit class:
  4. An alumnus/alumna is defined as anyone who graduated from CWRU or any of its predecessor schools or who has successfully completed 12 or more credit hours without completing a degree.
  5. Auditors cannot also be enrolled in a degree program at CWRU.
  6. The majority of classes offered by the College of Arts and Sciences are open to auditors. There are some exceptions. Please follow the link to Courses for Audit for more information.
  7. Auditors will not receive a grade or credit. Auditors may not, at any subsequent time, enroll for credit in any class audited through this program.
  8. Deadline for receipt of registration forms:

Spring Semester 2022
Submit forms by January 4, 2022
Classes begin January 10, 2022


*Alumni Audit summer tuition is 10% of regular undergraduate tuition, not 10% of the discounted summer tuition rate.