New Functionality: Embed any Google Calendar Anywhere!

Today we’re releasing a new feature in the CAS CMS – embedding google calendars anywhere on your site. In a normal WordPress environment this would be possible by default, but because our system has extra limitations when it comes to using code, we needed to write a plugin to enable calendar embeds. You can find the instructions here. Make sure to let us know if there are features you want, or if you have problems using these instructions.

New tutorial: Adding and managing widgets

We’ve just added a new tutorial: adding and managing widgets. The new Departments 2015 theme allows users to completely customize the sidebar, including our own in-house highlights and events widgets. This tutorial explains how they work.

New alternate layout available

After the Departments 2015 launch we realized there was a need for some sites to use a different style of homepage with less focus on text. So we wrote in some easy “switches” to change out the homepage for a layout that doesn’t rely on images to break up the content. You can check it out at,, and Contact Sarah if you’re interested in using the alt layout.

New tutorial: Managing Feature Boxes

We’ve added a new tutorial: how to manage feature boxes. You know, those three boxes to the right of your banner!

New Theme Launch

Today we launched the new CAS Department 2015 theme! Take a look at,, or