To make sure that users can actually view the items (page/news post/etc.) you have created, you need to publish them.

1.Before an item is published, the Publish section on the right side of the screen will look similar to the image on the right. In the Publish window, you can save the draft of your item (WordPress will auto-save frequently in case you exit without saving), view a preview of your item, delete the item, and eventually publish it for all to see when it is complete.




After an item has been published, the Publish section will change slightly. You will now have the option to view revisions and even revert back to them if you want to. Also the Publish button will change to the Update button. This just means that every time you update a page, another revision will be added. To see your past revisions, click the Browse link (next to the number of revisions). You should now see a page similar to the image on the right.





    In the Compare Revision area, there are many options available to help you manage your current item and its revisions:

  • The text on the left hand side is the revisions you are currently viewing and the text on the right hand side is the current version of your item.
    • WordPress will color code differences in the pages so you can easily view the differences between the two.
  • To view different revisions, slide the blue button left and right with the left side being older revisions and the right side being the most current version.
  • You also have the option to compare two revisions.

The most important option, however, is the ability to restore a previous revision of an item. If for any reason you prefer or need to rollback to a past revision, just make sure you are viewing the revision you want to use on the right and click the Restore This Revision button in the upper right hand corner. The text on the right side is the content that will be restored.


Compare Revisions