Excerpts are summaries of news posts that appear on the homepage instead of default text (the first 55 words of the article with a link to read more). Excerpts allow you to manually change this text to something more appropriate. They also remove the read more option which is useful when a news post is short and you don’t want the user to be taken to a page with barely any content in it.




1. To add an excerpt, you must first enable excerpts in the Screen Options. The Screen Options are found at the top of the page when you are editing a post and can be revealed by clicking on the drop down button labeled Screen Options.

2. Place a check mark next to Excerpt to have the excerpts section appear under the visual content editor.


3. To add the excerpt, scroll down until you see the Excerpts section and enter your summary of the post.

  4. Publish or update the post to have the changes take affect.  


Using an Excerpt