The first time you connect to a Zoom meeting on this computer, you’ll need to install a small application in order to join the meeting. Zoom will prompt you with instructions to do so. If the Zoom website does not automatically download the software, click the blue “download & run Zoom” link.

A file called Zoom Launcher should download. Run this file. You may be prompted with a security warning. Choose to Run or Continue if you receive this message. When you do, Zoom should automatically start and join your meeting.

If you have joined a Zoom meeting before on this computer, you may be prompted to click Open Zoom Meetings or Open URL:Zoom Launcher. If so, click the button to open and Zoom should start automatically and join your meeting.


Once Zoom starts, you may be prompted to enter your name and click the blue Join button.

After you click the blue Join button you’ll be automatically joined to the meeting. Your video should automatically start, but you’ll need to choose how to join the audio portion of the call. You can choose to either use your computer audio or make a phone call.

To join by computer audio, first click the blue link to “Test Computer Mic & Speakers”. A window will open allowing you to choose your Speaker and Microphone devices. Choose the correct devices from the drop down lists and click the blue “Test Speaker” and “Test Microphone” buttons to verify that your audio is working. Once you close the settings window, you’ll return to the meeting. Click the green “Join Audio Conference by Computer” button to join the audio call. The audio window will disappear and you’ll receive a message that “You are using the computer audio”.

To join by phone, click the Phone Call tab and dial one of the phone numbers that appears in the window. You’ll be prompted to enter enter your Meeting ID followed by the # sign. Then you’ll be prompted to enter your Participant ID followed by #. Please note, these numbers are specific to each meeting. If you have scheduled a test call with us, the numbers you use for your test call will be different than the numbers you use for your meeting. Once you’ve entered your participant ID number, you’ll hear a prompt on your phone that you’ve now joined the meeting, the audio window should disappear, and you’ll receive a message on your computer that “You are using the phone”.

Once you’re in the meeting there are a few controls you can use. To make the meeting fullscreen choose the 4 arrows button in the upper right hand corner of the meeting window. In order to mute your microphone or stop your video, you can choose the mute buttons in the lower left hand corner. To leave the meeting click the red Leave Meeting button in the lower right hand corner.

The meeting controls will fade if you don’t move your mouse for a while. If they do, just move your mouse over the video to bring them back.

If your conference will be recorded, the recording will start automatically once you join. A reminder that the meeting is being recorded will appear in the upper left hand corner of the video.

If you have any trouble connecting to your meeting, please call the telephone number designated for assistance in the email you received with the link to the meeting and we’ll happily assist you.