By using the visual content editor in WordPress, you are able to easily add and change the content that you post. If you are accustomed to using Microsoft Office or a similar type of word processing application, you will not have much trouble adjusting to this new program. Here is a screenshot of the content editor:

Content Editor


The Title can be set at the top of the page and the Permalink is right underneath it.

Frontend Permalink and Title 


Now to focus on specific parts of the visual content editor, starting with the body of the editor.

The body is where  you are able to add and change the actual content of the page/news post. Before you begin, however, check to make sure that you are in the Visual tab and not the Text tab because the Text tab shows the HTML code:




Across the top of the body of the content editor is the editor toolbar.

When using styling in WordPress, first type out all the text, highlight the text, and then choose the styling you want to apply. To learn more about how tables work, click here.

Content Toolbar    


You can find the Add Media button above the toolbar:


Clicking the add media button will open up a new box that looks like the image on the right.


Pictures can also be dragged into the box directly.Uploading a media file shouldn’t take more than a few seconds, then you will be brought to a page that shows all the media on the website.


Uploading Image 

After uploading your image, the Media Library tab will open along with the selected image’s properties appearing on the right hand side of the window in the Attachment Details box. In the Media Library tab, your newly uploaded image will be selected and you will also see any other images that have already been uploaded. Here you can:

  • Set the name of the image.
  • Add any caption you want to display under it.
  • Set the text you want appearing if the image cannot be displayed.
  • Where the image will be aligned on the page when you insert it.
    • If the image is aligned either left or right, text will wrap around it.
    • If the image is aligned in the center, text will not wrap around it.
  • Next to Link To, you can choose what you want to happen when the image is clicked on.
    • When the option Media File is selected, clicking on the image will open a new tab with just the image.
    • When the option Custom URL is selected, you can add a URL that a new tab will open to when the image is clicked.
    • Do not use the option Attachment Page.
  • The size of the image you want appearing on the page/news post.

Once you have set all the details, click the blue button at the bottom to insert into the page/post. Keep in mind, the image will be inserted at the place your text cursor is at.



Right Side Options

On the right side of the visual content editor you will find the publish, categories, and featured images sections.

  More information about the right side settings can be found here:

Right Hand Content