A Featured Image appears next to a news post or highlight that is on your homepage. This image is meant to represent what the news article is about and to give insight into its content. On the right are a few examples of featured images. It is important to note that a Featured Image will not appear in the article itself unless it is placed in it. However, after uploading an image it will appear in the Media Library so there is no need to upload the image a second time. 



Featured Image

The section to set a Featured Image can be found to the right of the visual content editor and underneath the Categories section. 





  1. To set your own Featured Image, click the text that says Set Featured Image to be brought to the Media window.This window is similar to the window that allows you to upload normal media files. Here you can either upload the Featured Image, or you can go to the Media Library and select an image that has already been uploaded.

Upload Featured Image


2.Before you select the image, you will see the image details.You can set the Title and the optional settings (Caption, Alt Text, and Description) here.

3. Click the blue Set featured image button to finish up and add the new Featured Image. Make sure you click the blue Update button if you are editing a previously published post.


Insert Featured Image