Abbreviation and Symbols Key:

* – Deceased
ADL – Adelbert College
ARC – CWRU School of Architecture
CAS – College of Arts and Sciences
CIT – Case Institute of Technology
CLC – Cleveland College
CSE – Case School of Engineering
DEN – CWRU School of Dental Medicine
FSM – Flora Stone Mather College for Women
GRS – School of Graduate Studies


HON – Honorary Degree
LAW – CWRU School of Law
LYS – CWRU School of Library Sciences
MED – CWRU School of Medicine
MGT – Weatherhead School of Management
NUR – Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing
WRC – Western Reserve College
SAS – Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences

Abstraction Before the Age of Abstract
Samuel H. Kress Foundation

CAS-Class of 1966 Term Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Steven J. Gold, ADL’66

CAS-Shared Scholarship Fund
Bruce W. Bantz, ADL’71
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Barrie, M.D., CAS’08
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Mr. Jonathan M. Brody, WRC’88
Mary Emily Call, Ph.D., FSM’65
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Carr, WRC’88
Mr. Stephen Chang
Mr. Nathaniel Cohen, CLGS’22
Mr. Sanford Cohen
Mr. F. Del Greco and Ms. J. Wanstreet, WRC’74, LYS’75
Hon. John B. Farmakides, ADL’50, LAW’53
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Ms. Dianne Fisher
Thomas L. Follett, II, Ph.D., CIT’64
Google Inc.
Katelyn and Alexander Haas-Conrad, CAS’10
Ms. Ellen Kendall, CAS’18, CLGS’19
Anne S. Klass, FSM’71
The Klass Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Brian and Dr. Jennifer Markham, WRC’88, GRS’91, GRS’94
Bryant Shauter Mason, ADL’70
Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Monette, CAS’96
The Photias & Farmakides Education Foundation
Mr. Laurence P. Rubinow, ADL’66
Mr. Jacob Sandstrom, CAS’19
Dr. Diana Snyder, FSM’71, GRS’74
Susan C. Wang, Ph.D., CAS’98
Ms. Mary Wiener
Ms. Taylor M. Wolfram, CAS’11

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Degnan, Jr.

Cell-Based Therapies and Tissu
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Bruder, MED’89, GRS’90, MED’92
Bruder Consulting International LLC

Center for the Study of Writing

CLE4SCI Collaborative for CMSD
The Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening Foundation

Cleveland Humanities Collaborative
Dr. Kurt Keonigsberger
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

CRESPO-ACS SEED Program Summer
American Chemical Society

Ellen & Bruce Mavec Scholarship
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Mavec

JASON Project
Ms. Mary-Margaret Jenior, ARC’61, FSM’61

Loeb Classical Library Foundation Fellowship
Loeb Classical Library Foundation

Lubrizol – Emerging Scholars Program
The Lubrizol Corporation

Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellowship
The Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust

Richard F. Sigal, Ph.D. Award Fund
Mrs. Mary Gayle Sigal

STEM Education 2011

Student Ticket Program
Kulas Foundation

Two Anisfield-Wolf SAGES Teaching Fellowship
The Cleveland Foundation