1. Log into webcalendar.case.edu
  2. On the calendar select the day and time for the meeting or class.
  3. Click “Add guests” and add your students for an individual or small group meeting. For larger groups please see step 11.

  4. From the popup select “Add rooms, location, or conferencing”.
  5. Using the dropdown “Add conferencing” select “Zoom Meeting”.
  6. If this is your first time creating a Zoom Meeting from Google Calendar, you’ll be asked to grant permission for Google to communicate with Zoom. Click on “Authorize”.

  7. Choose your Google Account when asked.
  8. Google will display the services Zoom would like access. Scroll down and select “Allow”.

  9. At this point Google Calendar may ask you to log into Zoom. Click on “Log in”.
  10. Zoom conferencing information is added to the appointment.

  11. Copy and send the zoom link from the calendar event to your students. (Canvas is a great option for emailing large numbers of students in the same class or posting the link for that class period’s Zoom meeting). They can click the link to join via mobile device, phone, or computer.

Tip: Ask your students to install Zoom and test their device configuration before joining for class. You and your students may benefit from reading through the Zoom Best Practices as well.