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A casual gathering. Enjoy food, drinks and friends.

We look forward to welcoming back the Class of 1973 for your 50th Reunion and the Class of 1998 for their 25th Reunion!
Additional classes celebrating milestone reunions include any with years ending in “3” and “8”

45 years – Class of 1978
40 years – Class of 1983
35 years- Class of 1988
30 years- Class of 1993
25 years- Class of 1998
20 years – Class of 2003
15 years- Class of 2008
10 years- Class of 2013
5 years- Class of 2018

Committee members

Class of 1998
Alice Wolfe
Susan Wang
Jennifer Mendelson

Class of 1973
John Sharp
Jennifer LoPatin
Rosalyn Rufer
Myra Orenstein
David A.G. Johnson
Nancy Fink
Janet Poole

Reunion Weekend Events 

Friday, Oct. 13

Class of 1973 Reception 3:00 – 4:30 PM

Harcourt House

Special reception at Harcourt House for 50th reunioners, 

Class of 1998 Reception – 8:30 PM


A casual gathering. Enjoy food, drinks and friends.

Saturday, Oct. 14

50th Reunion Grads of Distinction Medallion Ceremony 9:00 AM

Glidden House – Juniper Room

Come back to be inducted into our newest reunion society.

College of Arts and Sciences All Class Reunion and Awards Dinner – 6:00 PM

Linsalata Alumni Center – Foster-Castele Great Hall

Join Interim Dean Lee Thompson as we celebrate the College’s Distinguished Alumni Award winners, the 50th reunion of the Class of 1973 and 25th reunion class of 1998.  A brief reception and champagne toast for the reunion classes will be hosted before our banquet dinner and awards presentation.

Graduates from any year are encouraged to attend this festive gathering, with a special welcome extended to those celebrating their milestone reunion.


Celebrating your milestone reunion? Please consider becoming a Homecoming/Reunion class representative

For more information, or to become a reunion committee volunteer, please contact the college at 216-368-0097 or email collegesupport@cwru.edu.

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Reunion Scholarship Campaign

The Reunion Scholarship Campaign provides essential scholarship funding for current and future students who would not otherwise be able to afford the cost of attending CWRU. We hope you will support the Reunion Scholarship Campaign with a gift that is meaningful to you.

If you have any questions about Homecoming weekend or if you would like to be a class reunion representative, please contact us at collegesupport@cwru.edu or 216-368-0097.

Spectators watch a football game, 1963